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Here's all you need to know before integrating the Bridges White Labeled Aggregator into your website or dApp.
Introducing the game-changing Bridges White Label – the ultimate DeFi solution for boosting your website or dApp to new heights. With just a few simple lines of code, you can add a fully functional DeFi aggregator to your site, complete with a powerful API that aggregates multiple liquidity sources, smart contracts, and a fully customizable UI. Plus, it's all completely free! Whether you're using plain HTML, vanilla, or modular projects like React, the Bridges White Label is easy to integrate and customize to perfectly match your brand's unique style. And that's not all - you can even collect affiliate fees when your community uses the widget to swap. Don't miss out on the power of DeFi. Start using the Bridges White Label today and watch your site soar to new levels of functionality and engagement. Follow our easy guide and see how simple it is to add the code and customize it for your brand. See our full feature set and discover even more benefits of using our Bridges White Label.
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Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with the Bridges White Label quickly and easily. Check out our quick start guide to launch the white labeled solution quickly on your own website.

About Bridges Exchange

Introducing Bridges Exchange, the ultimate DeFi solution for finding the best rates and routes for token swaps across leading chains and DEXs. Our mission is to empower projects to offer their communities the best rates on tokens, and our main offering, Bridges Exchange, is the perfect tool to do just that. With our state-of-the-art aggregator, you can easily compare rates across different DEXs, access liquidity from multiple sources in one place, and swap tokens securely and with ease. Whether you're a casual trader or a professional investor, Bridges Exchange has something to offer for everyone. We're dedicated to making it easy and convenient for users to find the best deals on token swaps, and we're constantly working to improve and expand our services to meet your needs. Don't miss out on the power of DeFi, start using Bridges Exchange today and experience the future of token swapping.
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